Package org.n52.math

Provides for the generic mathematical functionality.


Interface Summary
Algorithm Interface intended to describe and structure algorithms to be used for one pixel at a time.
AlgorithmN Describe a list of algorithms using the params as inputs and returning a list of doubles
AlgorithmOnList List of algorithms with the same signature
AlgorithmOnValues Algorithm that works on a dataset where all input values have the same meaning and all output values have the same meaning (which may be different from the input).

Class Summary
AbstractAlgorithm Convenience class to implement Algorithm.
SatelliteTriangulation Supplier class for azimuth, zenith angle, distance and pixel size algorithms, to calculate with satellite triangulation.
SunTriangulation Supplier class azimuth, zenith angle, distance, equation of time and declination algorithms, to calculate with sun triangulation.

Package org.n52.math Description

Provides for the generic mathematical functionality. Intended for simple mathematical algorithms, free of geospatial context.

The package org.n52.math does not depend on other 52north packages. It depends on jama.