Package nl.itc.cropspecificproductionlevels

Interface Summary
RunningAverage To calculate an running average value from two or more values, where one value is added each time to a queue.

Class Summary
AllocationFractionAlgorithm Calculates, at the current rds, the fraction assimilates that will be allocated to leaves, roots, stems and storage organs.
AllocationFractionItem Stores an item in the allocation fractions table as read from the input crop file.
CanopyRadiationAlgorithm Calculates radiation at canopy (PARCAN), based on latitude, day number, sun hours and relative humidity and some other values which can be calculated by the the TrigonometricHelperAlgorithm and the DayLengthAlgorithm.
CanopyTemperaturesInput Only shows the members dayNr, satCanopyTemp (observed input temperatures) of superclass CanopyTemperaturesOutput.
CanopyTemperaturesOutput Data structure for day numbers and satellite-derived canopy temperatures.
CfWaterAlgorithm For PS2: Calculates cfWater, a correction factor if water supply is unsufficient, for a single day, based on remotely sensed canopy radiation and (interpolated) canopy temperatures as calculated by the InterTCanAlgorithm.
CropAndOrganMassAlgorithm Main calculation within the ProductionAlgorithm, the 4th calculation block therein.
CropGrowthAlgorithm Main calculation for a single crop within the ProductionAlgorithm, the 2nd calculation block therein.
CropInformation Stores input information for a single crop, like a specific crop-entry in the crop file.
CropInformationForProductionAlgorithm For the form of the ProductionAlgorithm: just asking the fields of superclass CropInformation that are used and thus needed.
CropInformationForPS2 For the form of the ProductionAlgorithm: just asking the fields of superclass CropInformation that are used for ProductionSituation2 (PS2) and thus needed.
CumulativeDryOrganWeightsAlgorithm Calculates the cumulative dry weight of plant organs S(org), based on the previous dry weight S(org) and the dry weight increase (DWI).
DayLengthAlgorithm Calculates the day length.
DryWeightIncreaseAlgorithm Calculates the dry weight increase (DWI) for plant organs, based on input GAA(org), MRR(org), and ec(org).
DryWeightLivingLeavesAlgorithm Calculates the dry weight/mass of living leaves at the current RDS.
FixedLengthRunningAverage Calculates the running average of 10 values in a queue.
GrossRateAssimilateAllocationAlgorithm Calculates the gross rate of assimilate allocation (GAA) per plant organ (leaf, root, stem, storage organ).
GrossRateAssimilateProductionAlgorithm Calculates the potential gross rate of assimilate production (Fgass) by a crop.
GrossRateCo2ReductionAlgorithm Calculates the gross rate of CO2 reduction (Fgc) for a closed reference crop.
InterTCanAlgorithm For PS2: Calculates satellite-derived canopy temperatures for all days, also for days for which no canopy temperature is available yet, by a linear interpolation between a lower and upper boundary.
LeafAreaIndicesAlgorithm Calculate the Leaf Area Index (LAI) from minimum and maximum Specific Leaf Area, the dry mass of living leaves (livSleaf) and the Relative Development Stage (RDS).
Location Stores input information for a location as found in the first line of the weather input file.
LocationForProductionAlgorithm For the form of the ProductionAlgorithm: just asking the fields of superclass Location that are used and thus needed.
MaintenanceRespirationAlgorithm Calculates the Maintenance Respiration Rates (MRR) for leaves, roots, stems, and storage organs, based on r(org), S(org) and cf(Temp).
ManagementData Input management data, contains Germination day (or planting day number), amount of Seed/planting material used, and Mortality rate of seed/planting material.
ManagementDataForCropGrowth Only shows the members seed and mortalityRate of superclass ManagementData.
MassValuesSingleDay Set of output production values for a day: RDS at end of interval, S(org) at end of interval, TDM (total dry mass of all organs), and TLDM (total living dry mass).
MaximumAssimilationAlgorithm Calculates the maximum rate of assimilation on the basis of the actual daytime temperature and the reference temperature.
NetCo2UptakeAlgorithm Calculates netCo2Uptake, formulas by Valentijn Venus.
OrganGrowthAlgorithm Main calculation for crop organs within the ProductionAlgorithm, the 3rd calculation block therein.
OutputValuesPerDay Contains fields for the output values of each day as calculated by the ProductionAlgorithm.
PlantOrgans Contains the 4 plant organs for which values will be calculated: leaf, root, stem and storage organ (s.o.).
ProductionAlgorithm Main and total calculation of crop specific production levels.
ReferenceAndMaintenanceTemperatureAlgorithm Calculates the reference temperature (Tref) and the maintenance temperature (Tmain) for sets of 10 last days through the FixedLengthRunningAverage getAverage() method.
RelativeDevelopmentStageAlgorithm Increases the Relative Development Stage value (RDS) by half the value of DRDS, which depends on the average daily temperature and crop specific temperatures as T0 and Tsum.
RunningAverageNotOk Deprecated. This class is not used.
SunLightAlgorithm Main calculation for a single day within the ProductionAlgorithm, the 1st calculation block therein.
TemperatureCorrectionFactorAlgorithm For PS2: Calculates the temperature correction factor cf(Temp) from the average daily temperatures of the last 10 days (Tmain) and the current average daily temperature (T24h).
TemperaturesAlgorithm Calculates daytime temperature and average daily temperature based on day length, minimum temperature and maximum temperature.
TenDayTemperaturesAlgorithm Calculates reference temperature (Tref) from the 10 last daytime (Tday) temperatures, calculates the maintenance temperature (Tmain) from the 10 last average daily temperatures (T24h), and calculates the correction factor for temperature cf(temp) from the current average daily temperature (T24h) and the calculated Tmain.
TotalDryMassAlgorithm Calculates the total dry mass (TDM) of all organs and the total living dry mass (TLDM) of all organs using weight of living leaves.
TrigonometricHelperAlgorithm Calculates the declination of the sun (in degrees), and three other values (ccos, ssin, and sscc) that are used both by the DayLengthAlgorithm and the CanopyRadiationAlgorithm.
WeatherRecord Input weather data per day, contains Day number, Tmin, Tmax, Precipitation, Relative humidity, Evaporation, Sun hours, Evapotranspiration.
WeatherRecordForCfWater Only shows the members dayNr, relativeHumidity, E0, sunHours, and Et0 of superclass WeatherRecord.
WeatherRecordForSunLight Only shows the members dayNr, maxTemp, minTemp, relativeHumidity and sunHours of superclass WeatherRecord.

Enum Summary
CropInformation.C3C4Crop Stores whether this crop is a C3 plant or a C4 plant.