ROUTE PostProcess BATCH Files
in an LDM Environment

There are two methods by which ROUTE PostProcess BATCH files can be run on Unix systems running ldm-mcidas decoders:

Configuring the ldm user account to run McIDAS-X

If you want to configure your ldm user's account to run McIDAS-X applications, s/he should follow the guidelines listed in Preparing the mcidas Account.

This is NOT the Unidata-recommended method for running ROUTE PostProcess BATCH files, however.

Running McIDAS-X ROUTE PostProcess BATCH files from a Unix Shell Script

Unidata recommends that the environment information needed to run McIDAS-X applications from ldm-mcidas-initiated ROUTE PostProcess BATCH files be instantiated in a Unix shell script that is run instead-of BATCH.

We provide a Bourne Shell script, batch.k, that is used to intercept BATCH invocations from ldm-mcidas decoders; setup an environment appropriate for the McIDAS-X BATCH command to be run in; and then run the "real" McIDAS-X BATCH command, /home/mcidas/bin/batch.k.

We recommend that ROUTE PostProcess BATCH commands be run like this for two reasons:

  1. If you configured your ldm user to run McIDAS-X and then needed to change its McIDAS environment at some point, you would have to:

  2. If you run the PostProcesses from a shell script, you can change the environment in which they run by simply editing the script. You don't have to interact with the LDM at all!