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  ITC-NGIC McIDAS-X Training Workshop
    Overview of McIDAS
      What is McIDAS?
      What is Unidata's Role?
    What You Need to Know to Start Using McIDAS
      The McIDAS Environment
      Getting Started
        Getting Started - Basic Concepts
        Getting Started - Starting and Exiting McIDAS
        Getting Started - Logging on to the Workstation
        Getting Started - Using Online Helps
        Getting Started - Raising Windows and Displaying Text Frames
        Getting Started - Stopping Commands
      Data Files
    Abstract Data Distribution Environment - ADDE
      ADDE - Terminology
      ADDE - Clients and Servers
      ADDE - Data Naming Scheme
      ADDE - Client and Server Look-up Tables
      ADDE - Naming Data On Your Local Server
      ADDE - Using Compressed Data Transfers
      ADDE - Getting Started
    Loop Control System
      Loop Control System - Basic Concepts
      Loop Control System - Creating a Loop
      Loop Control System - Changing the Dwell Rate
      Loop Control System - Changing the Loop Sequence
      Loop Control System - Adding Image Frames
    Imagery Display and Analysis
      Satellite Imagery
        Satellite Imagery - Basic Concepts
        Satellite Imagery - Displaying Satellite Data
        Satellite Imagery - Using Coordinate Systems
        Satellite Imagery - Listing Image Data
        Satellite Imagery - Changing the Image Resolution
        Satellite Imagery - Copying and Displaying Images
        Satellite Imagery - Manipulating Images
        Satellite Imagery - Deleting Images
        Satellite Imagery - Using Briefing Windows
      Examples of Displaying/Manipulating Images
        Image Command Examples - Listing
        Image Command Examples - Display
        Image Command Examples - Interrogation
        Image Command Examples - Enhance/Colorize
    Graphics and the Cursor
      Graphics and the Cursor - Basic Concepts
      Graphics and the Cursor - Defining Graphics Parameters
      Graphics and the Cursor - Generating Graphics
      Graphics and the Cursor - Erasing Graphics
      Graphics and the Cursor - Saving and Restoring Graphics and Frames
      Graphics and the Cursor - Changing the Cursor Shape, Color, and Size
      Graphics and the Cursor - Contouring Data with the Cursor
      Graphics and the Cursor - Zooming with the Cursor
      Graphics and the Cursor - Locating Specific Positions Using the Cursor
      Graphics and the Cursor - Finding Distances Between Points
    MD files
      MD Files - Basic Concepts
      MD Files - Listing MD file directories and Data Records
      MD Files - Searching MD files
      MD Files - Copying and Deleting MD files
      MD files - Plotting and Contouring Point Data
      MD files - Meteorological Diagrams
    Grids and GRID Files
      Grids and Grid Files - Basic Concepts
      Grids and Grid Files - Listing Grids and Grid Files
      Grids and Grid Files - Copying Grids and Grid Files
      Grids and Grid Files - Creating Grids and Grid Files
      Grids and Grid Files - Displaying Gridded Data
    Real-time Data Access
      Real-time Data Access - Getting Started
      Real-time Data Access - Weather Text Products
      Real-time Data Access - Watches and Warnings
      Real-time Data Access - Fronts
      Real-time Data Access - Upper-air and Surface Observations
      Real-time Data Access - Creating Meteorological Diagrams
      Real-time Data Access - Satellite Imagery
      Real-time Data Access - NEXRAD Imagery
      Real-time Data Access - Gridded Data
    User Interfaces
      Scripting Facilities
      Unidata Tcl/Tk GUI
        MCGUI Basics
        MCGUI GUI Exercises
      Graphical User Interface (GUI)
        GUI - Basic Concepts
        GUI - Getting Started
        GUI - Displaying A Satellite Image
        GUI - Looping Satellite Images
        GUI - Modifying Image and Graphics Colors
        GUI - Plotting and Looping Grids
        GUI - Copying Images and Grids
        GUI - Copying Images and Grids
        GUI - Plotting Surface and Upper Air Data
        GUI - Plotting Weather Watches and Warnings
        GUI - Configuring your GUI
        GUI - Recalling McIDAS Commands
        GUI - Scheduling McIDAS Commands
      Unidata McIDAS-X Function Key Menu (archaic)
        FKey Menu Basics
        FKey Menu Templates
        FKey Menu Exercises
    Unidata McIDAS-X Installation and Configuration
    Acquiring Data
    Data File Access
    Data Ingest and Storage
    Applying Lessons Learned
      Creating an ADDE Dataset
      IR Channel Differencing
      Image Remapping
      Masking Features at Land-Water Boundaries
      Customizing Program Displays
      Overlaying Images
      Displaying non-AREA Imagery
      Importing Foreign Datasets Into McIDAS
        Importing Foreign POINT Datasets Into McIDAS
        Importing Foreign IMAGE Datasets Into McIDAS
    McIDAS-X Useful Information