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  U09-NRM-127: The role of Distributed Data Access Technologies in NRM - for ITC-IDV version 2.7
    Overview of the Integrated Data Viewer
      What is the Integrated Data Viewer?
      IDV Features
    Installing the IDV
      Downloading and Installing the IDV from Unidata
      Using the Installer
    Starting the IDV/GUI Basics
      Starting the IDV for the first time
      IDV Basic Concepts
        Introduction to the IDV GUI
        Navigating (Zooming, Panning and Rotating) the View Window
        The Main IDV Menu
        The View and Projections Menus
        Changing Background Maps
        Projection Manager
        Basic Preferences
        Exiting the IDV
        Starting the IDV with Java Web Start
    Accessing and Displaying Data
      Data Selection Overview
        Using the Data Source Chooser
        Using the Field Selector
        Using the Display Controls
        Using the Display Legends
        Using the Time Animation Widget
      Working with Gridded Data
        Loading Gridded Data
        Plan Views of Gridded Data
        Isosurfaces of Gridded Data
        Cross Sections of Gridded Data
        Probing Gridded Data
        Probing Gridded Data (continued)
        Vector Displays
        Working with Large Grids
        Doing More with Grid Displays
      Displaying Satellite and Level III Radar Imagery
        Loading Satellite Imagery
        Level III Radar Image Displays
        Probing Level III Data
        Overlaying Radar on Satellite and other imagery
        Doing More with Image Displays
      WSR-88D Level II Data Displays
        Loading WSR-88D Level II Radar Data
        Level II Sweep Displays in 2D and 3D
        Level II RHI Displays
        Level II Volume Scan Display
        Level II Isosurface Display
        Doing More with Level II Data Displays
      Saving State and Views
        Creating and Using Bundles
        More With Bundles
        Saving JNLP Files
        The Default Bundle
        Using Favorite Bundles
        Data in Bundles
        Image Capture
        Movie Capture
      Point Observations
        Loading Surface Data
        Surface Point Observation Displays
        Subsetting Point Data
        Observation List Display
        More Point Displays
        Doing More with Point Observation data
      Upper Air Displays
        Sounding Displays
        Single Level Point Data Displays
        Doing More with Upper Air (RAOB) Displays
        Using the IDV Sounding Display
      Transect Views
        Transect View
        Showing Transect Lines
        Setting Transect View Bounds
        DEMs in the Transect View
      Trajectory Data
        Trajectory Display
        Trajectory Point Display
      GIS and Miscellaneous Displays
        Web Map Servers
        WorldWind Locations
        DEM Displays
        Doing more with GIS Data
        Drawing Control
        Doing More with the Drawing Control
        Using Images in the IDV
      NOAA Profiler Network Winds
        Loading NOAA Profiler Network Data
        Profiler Time-Height Displays
        Profiler Station Plot Displays
        Profiler Three-D View
        Doing More with Profiler Displays
    Advanced Topics
      Color tables
        Introduction to the Color Table Editor
        Creating a New Color Table
        Using the New Color Table
      Providing Information about Data
        Editing Parameter Display Defaults
        Editing Parameter Aliases
        More on Editing Parameter Aliases
        Editing Parameter Groups
      Diagnostic Functions: Formulas and Jython
        Basics of IDV Formulas
        Jython Methods
        Doing More With Formulas
        Doing More with Jython
        Jython and VisAD
        Derived Data and Formulas
      Layout Models
        Layout (nee Station) Model Editor
        More on the Layout Model Editor
        Using Jython in Layout Models
      ISL - Scripting with IDV
        ISL Introduction
        Generating Images
        Manipulating Images
        ISL - KMZ Generation
        ISL Exercises
      Configuring IDV Sites
        IDV Property and Resource Files
        RBI File
        Plugin Manager
        Plugin Creator
        Configuring using Web Start
       Miscellaneous Items
         Location Files
         Text Point Data
         ximg File Format
         Image Movie Format
         Performance Tuning
    Java Developer Topics
       Development Environment
        Building the IDV from Source
        IDV Source Tree
        IDV Libraries
        IDV Auxdata
         Building with Ant
      IDV Architecture
        Core IDV
        Managers and Editors
        Major Components
        IDV Architectural Overview
        Data Package
        Data Choices
        Data Flow
      IDV Startup
        Initialization and Properties
        Command Line Arguments
        Example Args Manager
      IDV User Interfaces
        Xml based UI construction
        IDV Skins
        Example UI Manager
        Example Menu Bar
       Data Choosers
        Overview of Data Choosers
        Creating a Weather Text Data Chooser
       Data Sources
        Overview of Data Sources
        Using VisAD Data in the IDV
        Creating a Weather Text Data Source
       Display controls
        Overview of Display Controls
        Using VisAD Displays in the IDV
        Creating a Weather Text Display Control
    Thematic Expert Models
      Food security
        Remotely Sensed Indices
              Indexed approaches to monitoring of Crops, Rangeland and Food Security at National Level
                Visual interpretation of NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index)
                Analysis of vegetation index and rainfall estimate images
        Biophysical Production Simulations
            Data requirements
          Case study: Sunflower productivity in Spain
            Inspecting the weather data
              Inspect the values as text in IDV
              Inspect weather data as a plot in IDV
          Running the PS1 model
            Study area
            Inspecting the weather data
              Inspect the weather data as ASCII data
              Inspect the values as text in IDV
              Inspect weather data as a plot in IDV
            Running the PS1 model
        Forecasting regional food/fiber production levels
          Does vegetation growth in Africa follow El Niño?
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